We partner with our clients for success.

In consulting, like in any business, success is defined by clients achieving and exceeding their goals.

At Cimperman, LLC, we start every engagement by understanding our clients' strategy, the interests of their stakeholders, how they measure success and what are their current pain points.

Mature consulting firms understand that business relationships are the key to mobilizing resources to develop client solutions.

We have long-standing partnerships with numerous firms who compliment our skills and allow us to develop teams with the right skills at the right time to meet our clients' needs. Strategic partnerships mean that we can trust our extended teams to deliver on time, on budget and with high quality.  Contact us for partnership opportunities: partner@cimperman.com.

Examples of Partnerships

Cimperman, LLC or its principles have long-standing partnerships with the following firms, among others:

Pivotal Insight for IT management

The Zaplin Group for leadership development and criminal justice research

Savan Group for strategic planning, program management, and property and logistics

Shabas Solutions, LLC for IT architecture, quality assurance and program support

Primescape Solutions, Inc for Strategic Business Consulting, Applications Delivery, Business Intelligence and Infrastructure Management Services

Heflin Consulting for process design and automation & .NET programming services