Our solutions are focused in three areas that are of particular importance to federal government decision makers. 

Research and Analysis
Evidence-based practice requires decision makers to ignore conventional wisdom and follow the data. We can help with qualitative and quantitative research, benchmarking, and secondary research to help you make the right decision for your stakeholders and mission. Management Consulting
Whether you need strategic planning to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage or to maximize benefits to your stakeholders with limited resources, we can help develop logic models, connect strategy to operations, and often most importantly, figure out what businesses you are not in.
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IT Management
Does IT matter? Or is it a commodity on a leveled playing field that should be the focus of cutting cost ? Business strategy should drive IT investment when it supports a superior ROI, when it leads to sustainable advantage or to defend against competitive threats.  Regardless of the motivation, industry standards such as CMMI, ITIL and PMBOK can help maximize the value achieved for each dollar of an IT investment while managing risk.