Research and Analysis

According to Criminologist Lawrence Sherman, PhD, “All human services face the tension between craft and science, between wisdom of experienced practitioners and the science that often contradicts that wisdom.� The same tendency toward management by wisdom is being rooted out of the commercial sector by modern data management tools and techniques. The federal sector is following suit, but has significant catching up to do, as explored in our recent white paper. The federal sector is unique in that each agency has similarities that can be leveraged without the competitive sensitivities that exist in commercial sectors. Our consultants have broad exposure across many civilian and defense agencies with the experience to appreciate their differences.

Examples of our recent experience:

Performed ethnographic studies of users to identify and address software usability issues for a cyber security incident management system for the Department of Homeland Security.

Conducted focus groups, surveys, case studies, site visits and interviews to determine the current policies related to sexual violence, emerging surveillance technology and facility design to recommend binding policies and procedures for the Department of Justice.

Benchmarked facility management technology, process and organizational approaches from six agencies to make transformative recommendations to a client agency with operational difficulties.