IT Management

Does IT matter? Or is it a commodity on a leveled playing field that should be the focus of cutting cost ? Business strategy should drive IT investment when it supports a superior ROI, when it leads to sustainable advantage or to defend against competitive threats. Regardless of the motivation, industry standards such as CMMI, ITIL and PMBOK can help maximize the value achieved for each dollar of an IT investment while managing risk.

Examples of our recent experience:

Reengineered the tracking of cyber incidents from all civilian Federal agencies for the Department of Homeland Security. Led a team of consultants to develop and implement an integrated enterprise system to record, process and report on cyber incidents.

Assessed the application and operational risks associated with the new federal agency contract management system and the related infrastructure to identify vulnerabilities, evaluate controls and propose approaches to mitigate those risks.

Managed Customer Experience testing and process definition for the launch of fiber optic voice/data services at Verizon. Led a team of five consultants coordinating pilot markets for the launch of “Consumer Fios� fiber optic voice/data/television service. Managed on-site usability testing and improvements in five major call centers nationwide over a one year period.

Produced an extensive process and architecture analysis for an incoming CIO of a major media research firm. The report focused on IT governance, business processes, project management best practices, short-term recommendations and a long-term roadmap for system architecture replacement.

Unified order entry processes of dozens of sales offices and improved data quality. Represented over two thousand Sales and call center users at a major telecom firm with the use of Siebel CRM automation tools and change management techniques. Negotiated process changes to continually improve sales and call center processes and systems. Assessed user impacts and architecture changes for order entry and sales force automation projects. Conducted time and motion studies and ethnographic research to understand process pain points and incorporate feedback from pilot markets of the Siebel CRM system rollout.

Developed and marketed a software testing tool. Screen Scavenger software streamlines user testing. It tracks user interaction with software through screen images, keystroke records and a hyperlinked issues log file. Rob Cimperman founded to market it.